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Thank you for choosing MOTOMIX RENT A CAR. This page provides information about your rental, all available insurance and is designed to help you fully enjoy your trip.

The information contained herein is only a summary of the conditions MOTOMIX Company. List of terms and conditions you will find in the rent contract, available at the rent office.

Online reservations

 The reservations will be confirmed by the MOTOMIX Company:

-           within 1 hour if the reservation was made between 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM local time

-           no later than 09:00 AM if the reservation was made between 8:00 PM to 8:00 AM local time;

-           immediately if is called a manager of MOTOMIX Company, from the office between 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM local time at:

 Phone: +373 22 922060 or cell phone: +373 79 922060

Reservation changing

The guaranteed price refers to the specific details regarding the rental location and date / time. Once confirmed, any changes to your reservation may affect the price and / or vehicle availability.

You will need to have your reservation number handy.

Online discounts

The price will include any applicable online discount.

General terms

The car is rented in accordance with the terms and conditions of the rent contract printed on the back, in the Contract. The persons renting the car are asked to read carefully the contract and confirm its acceptance by signing this document, at MOTOMIX rent office. The client must meet all requirements, qualifications and standards of MOTOMIX Company, including those relating to age, method of payment, valid driving license and passport.

The MOTOMIX Company reserves the right to refuse the rent, without explanations.

Age and driving license

To rent a MOTOMIX car in the Republic of Moldova, the clients must meet the minimum age requirements, which vary depending on the rent car. The driver’s minimum age is 23 years. On some cars is set a minimum age, greater than 23 years and it is important that in the search criteria of the available offers to indicate your age correctly.

For people aged between 21 and 23 years, who require renting a car may be applied additional fees no more than 5 EUR / day (but not more than 50 EUR for whole period of rent).

The persons renting the car and additional drivers must hold a driving license for at least 36 months. If the driving license of the person renting the car or additional driver is not written in Latin characters, is need an international driving license.

We do not accept the copy of the driving license, temporary driving license or expired driving license.

Usually, the vehicle for rent is provided only for person who rents it. If other people planning to drive the car, they must be present at the moment of booking in order to be added in the rent contract, with the obligation to present a driving license held for at least 36 months. Any additional driver must meet the requirements relating to minimum age.

MOTOMIX Company does not apply extra charges for additional drivers.

Payment methods

The main driver must have a valid credit card. The details of the credit card will be taken at the moment of renting or can be added during the booking process to speed up the rental process.

In the credit card account presented at the moment of renting, must be available an amount to cover the estimated rent cost and other fees / costs that may apply (eg. deductible insurance, additional services, etc.).

The MOTOMIX Company accepts credit/ debit cards: MasterCard, Maestro, and Visa.

Cash payment is accepted only with the valid credit / debit card, for security reasons.

Regardless of the used means of payment, MOTOMIX Company reserves the right to make any necessary checks and approve or refuse the rent. The rent cost is calculated in EUR. Any payment made in other convertible currencies is calculated according to the current official exchange rate set by the National Bank of Moldova.

Documents required to rent a car

The following documents must be submitted when take the car:

-         valid identity card of passport

-         driving license held for at least 36 months 

-         your MOTOMIX card or other credit/debit cards accepted by the MOTOMIX Company

If there is a need for additional checks, at the rent office may be required additional documents (eg. return flight ticket, accommodation confirmation, etc.).

If there is an additional driver, he/she must present an Identity Card / passport and driving license, also the additional driver must be present at the time of renting the car.

Border crossing

At the request of crossing the borders of the Republic of Moldova with the rented car is needed a prior notice. Not all cars are allowed to be rent outside the borders of the Republic of Moldova, so at the moment of booking it is necessary to indicate this fact.

Rental rates

The rates include at least the car maintenance and insurance liability. The prices do not include fuel.

The damage and vehicle theft are paid by the client, within a maximum amount set for each vehicle separately.

The minimum charge duration is 24 hours. Within 4 hours extra is charged hourly rate. If the car will be delivered later than 4 hours more than time specified in the rent contract, will be charged an extra day.

For monthly rentals or long term, additional information are available on request.

Additional fees

Airport charge (included in the online confirmed charge)

Fee for additional driver(no additional fee)

The drivers mentioned in the contract are the only persons entitled to drive the MOTOMIX vehicle. Clients must notify the MOTOMIX rent office, on the additional driver when take the car. The number of additional drivers is unlimited.

Young drivers

When the client and / or additional driver is / are aged between 21 and 23 years and intend to rent the car, will be charged an additional fee of 5 EUR / day (but not more than 50 EUR for whole period of rent).

Rentals outside work hours

At the MOTOMIX rent office (as well as other available locations), it is possible to take or return the vehicle beyond the MOTOMIX work hours. There will be charged a fee of 5 EUR for each takeover or return beyond the work hours. In some cases MOTOMIX Company may suspend this fee (ex. rent period more than 5 days).

Fees for changing the return location

It is charged a fee of 0.50 EUR / km if the car will be returned in the place different from MOTOMIX locations.

Other additional fees:

-        lost key or documents: 100,00 EUR per object

-        excessive dirt of the vehicle or stained upholstery: 50,00 EUR

If the MOTOMIX Company will go to client from the reasons caused by keys loss, damaged tires, broken glass or other similar reasons, will be charged a fee of 0.50 EUR / km to client place.

Additional facilities of the car

When you book a car, please inform us about the additional facilities you want. For your comfort and safety, MOTOMIX Company can provide these facilities for an additional fee:

-         Chair for children: 1.00 EUR/day, but not more than 10.00 EUR per rental.

-         GPS mobile: 1.00 EUR/day, but not more than 10.00 EUR per rental.

Winter equipment

Between November 1st and March 31st, all our cars are equipped with winter tires.

No extra fees for winter tires.

You can rent snow chains for 1.00 EUR/day, but not more than 10.00 EUR per rental.

Car delivery and collection

The service is "on demand" and depends on availability MOTOMIX rent office staff. The delivery and collection requests must be submitted at least 24 hours in advance. Cars can be delivered during MOTOMIX work hours.

Details on identity (passport, driving license) and other details required for the lease agreement must be provided at the moment of booking.

Vehicle return to another country

To return the vehicle to another country is not possible.

Vehicle return (fuel, laundry)

Combustibil Fuel

MOTOMIX Company offers a full tank, at the beginning of rent period.

We advise you to fill the tank before returning the vehicle to MOTOMIX Company. Otherwise, the missing fuel will be charged at 1.25 EUR/1 liter. MOTOMIX Company will use technical means, at its disposal, to calculate the quantity of consumed fuel.

If the client does not fill the tank itself, the client recognizes the calculation methods used by the company to determine the quantity of consumed fuel.


MOTOMIX Company provides vehicle in pristine condition inside and out. MOTOMIX Company applies a cleaning fee of 6.00 EUR, if the car is returned in dirty condition.

Work Hours

A vehicle shall be returned within the work hours of the MOTOMIX Company, from 08:00 AM to 08:00 PM.

Any vehicle returned beyond the work hours shall remain within responsibility of the person, who rents it. The contract shall be terminated and calculated till the hour of return of the next workday of the MOTOMIX Company stipulated in the rent contract.



The authorized client/driver shall be protected by the liability car insurance, in case of an accident. The authorized client/driver may be legally responsible for the damages that cannot be covered by the liability car insurance. The client shall be responsible for damage or theft of the MOTOMIX vehicle, within the limits of a maximum sum established by the parties in the rent contract.

You may check what types of insurance are included in the rent price, at the moment of booking or when coming to the rent office. For further details, please, study the following information on exceedences and insurances.

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) 

The CDW accepted shall reduce, regardless of guilt, financial liability of the person renting the car, to the minimal compulsory sum for loss or damage of the MOTOMIX vehicle and its spare parts or accessories, except for theft or vandalism.

Whether the CDW was accepted or not, the client shall be responsible for the entire recovery of the damage if it was caused through:

-        driving under influence of drug substances or alcohol;

-        if the client did not stop after production of an accident and did not take necessary measures, i.e. did not announced the police, did not find out the names and addresses of the parties and witnesses implied;

-        use for illicit/illegal purposes, such as smuggling, theft, illegal transportation of objects or goods, etc.;

-        driving a car with exceeded load, breach of legal speed limit, pursuant to circulation certificate of the vehicle;

-        driving a car by unauthorized persons, i.e. under age limit, undeclared and non-mentioned in the rent contract;

-        driving a vehicle outside the public roads (agricultural land lots, swamps, etc.);

-        use of a vehicle for any type of races or competitions, including as a pacemaker within the framework of the race;

-        breach: traffic lights color, STOP sign, speed limit, turning into traffic, driving in the traffic, in the one-way streets;

-        damages to the motor, wheels, tires and interior space of a vehicle, under car body.

Theft Protection (TP)

The TP accepted offers protection in case of loss or damage to the MOTOMIX vehicle through or as a result of a theft or an attempt of a theft.

In case if a client without reasonable grounds of delay does not return a vehicle for more than 4 hours after the hour of return stipulated in the rent contract, the MOTOMIX Company shall be entitled to announce the police authorities about vehicle theft by the client and to ask for putting a vehicle on the wanted list.

We ask you to memorize that in case of an accident, the nearest police station shall be announced and a report on accident statement shall be obtained.

The CDW and TP conditions are applicable if only a record drafted by the police and report on accident statement are presented. Otherwise, the client shall be responsible even if there are the CDW and TP accepted for all damages caused to the vehicle rented. The CDW and TP are valid only in the territory of the Republic of Moldova. Insurance for driving a motor vehicle outside of the territory of the Republic of Moldova shall be subject to special conditions and tariffs.

Client’s Liability

With the CDW and TP coverage, client’s liability, regardless of guilt, in case of an accident or loss of a car rented or of some of its parts, shall be reduced to a maximum sum established for each vehicle apart.

The CDW and TR coverage shall not include damages to the car interior or damages to the motor that do not represent a direct result of a traffic accident. The CDW and TR coverage shall not include damages to the special equipment rented (for instance, GPS), etc. The CDW and TR coverage may be purchased by any person at age of more than 23.

When you take a car, we ask you to read the terms and conditions from the rent contract to get acquainted with the full list of conditions, under which insurance is valid.

Roadside Assistance

The procedure will be known at the moment of car rent


All prices and tariffs include VAT 20%

The terms and conditions, and the fees mentioned above are subject to change without notice.


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